You work hard, but do you think just as hard?

Ante Hamersmit @ante_kante via Unsplash

It’s taking the time to think

Here are a few ways to find out

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That’s roughly $567 for every man woman and child in the United States

“I’m so busy” has become the new humble-brag

Picture courtesy of Unsplash Karen Lau @pic_parlance

It’s becoming the 21st century’s newest humble-brag

What Candace Owens omits with her inflammatory rhetoric

Photo courtesy: AP via

An explanation for white people, from a psychological perspective

John Minchillo / AP

How to overcome one of life’s greatest challenges

George Hiles @hilesy via Unsplash

“One of the greatest challenges in life is being happy with what you have, while in pursuit of what you want.”

-Jim Rohn

Catt Liu @maundytime via Unsplash

And other unintended benefits of this once dreaded daily chore

And what kids can teach us about how to live the good life

Andre Hunter@dre0316 via Unsplash

What if we all acted like we were on a 10-day vacation?

Icons8 team@icons8 via Unsplash

Here’s why revenge is a dish best not served at all.

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Just a guy who is motivated to share my experiences and help others. Husband. Father. Educator.

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