You work hard, but do you think just as hard?

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In a recent New York Times article, Cal Newport discussed the concept of Deep Work. This concept entails eliminating distractions such as email notifications and social media and focusing on the work that really makes a difference in our lives and in our careers.

While the Deep Work Newport talks about is imperative to our success, there’s another integral and often overlooked aspect of performing Deep Work. And, it’s just as valuable, if not more so, than the very work you do.

Many of us take thinking for granted. We don’t put near as much effort into thinking as working…

Here are a few ways to find out

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Each year Americans spend billions of dollars trying to improve our physical health.

In 2019 alone we spent:

That’s a lot of money.

We know that smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or eating too much junk food is bad for us.

We count calories and monitor our cholesterol levels. We check our blood pressure.

We make New Years’ resolutions to lose weight and exercise more. We choose organic. …

“I’m so busy” has become the new humble-brag

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It seems that in today’s society the new humble-brag is to tell everyone how “busy” we are. When someone asks us how we’re doing we don’t say “good” or “happy,” instead we reply with a self-exalting, self-deprecating, “Man, I’m just so busy.”

Our propensity to broadcast our busy-ness to others has a deleterious effect though, both on ourselves and to others who we proclaim our busy-ness to. It’s unproductive for us and it guilts others into thinking they have to do the same. It’s fictitious. It’s the new “keepin-up-with-the Jones’.” It’s a hedonic treadmill and it’s getting us no where…

What Candace Owens omits with her inflammatory rhetoric

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Folks like Candace Owens attempt to blame the vast racial disparities in this country (in part) on the “breakdown of the black family.” This, according to her, is the root cause of much of our country’s current racial inequities. “After all”, they say, “70% of black children are born to single-parent households.”

This must be the reason for the inequities! If black people just respected marriage more and had good-ole-fashioned family values like the rest of us, then they’d be just fine!


This is a purposeful misdirection, one that leads to harmful stereotyping, and one that is meant to…

An explanation for white people, from a psychological perspective

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I’ve seen a lot of questions from other white people on social media lately stemming from George Floyd’s murder: “Why can’t they just protest peacefully?” “I have no problem with protests, just do it peacefully!” “You lost me when they started looting” “Why the anger?” “I don’t see this kind of anger over black on black crime…”and other diversions meant to hijack the narrative from the reasons there are protests in the first place to the methods of protest itself.

So, fellow white people, let me offer a psychological perspective as to why people are angry and protesting the murder…

How to overcome one of life’s greatest challenges

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Your desire for continuous improvement is what drives you. It motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, to put in the long hours and fight through the stress and setbacks. It allows you to dismiss the inevitable naysayers saying you’ll fail.

Continuous improvement can be a double-edged sword though. It can rob us of happiness because we’re always yearning for more, never content with where we’re at.

“One of the greatest challenges in life is being happy with what you have, while in pursuit of what you want.”

-Jim Rohn

How can we strive for more while…

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And other unintended benefits of this once dreaded daily chore

When I was a kid, one of the worst things I could hear my parents say to me after a meal was “Chris, do the dishes.” This was a mindlessly boring daily chore which needed to be done, and it seemed to last forever — especially on a nice summer night when all my friends in the neighborhood were outside playing games and I was the one stuck inside.

Growing up, the house I lived in didn’t have a dishwasher, we didn’t really need one — with three boys, we were the dishwashers. Today, our house still doesn’t have a…

And what kids can teach us about how to live the good life

I’ve spent a lot of time at the Little League baseball diamonds this summer…a lot. Since late-April I’ve spent countless hours parked in my camping chair on the sidelines watching my two boys play game after game. By my estimation, I’ve eaten approximately 472 concession stand hamburgers, a metric ton of French-fries, and snagged roughly 5 foul balls (sadly though, I had to give my hard-fought souvenirs back — it seems our local league doesn’t have an endless budget to replace all those baseballs).

Watching a youth baseball game is a great way to spend an evening (except for those…

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What if we all acted like we were on a 10-day vacation?

Yesterday I came home from work and began a 10-day vacation. I was in good spirits (obviously) anticipating the events my family and I have planned and looking forward to quality time spent together.

Soon after getting home though, I walked down the hallway and noticed one of our bathroom towel racks laying on the floor…

I walked in and noticed screws ripped out of the drywall and the broken towel rack laying beneath it.

Normally this sort of thing would drive me nuts. It’s one more thing my kids have destroyed that I’ll have to repair. Any parent reading…

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Here’s why revenge is a dish best not served at all.

I recently spent a lovely weekday morning perusing my local Walmart with my youngest daughter. It was here that I learned an important life lesson in seeking revenge.

After dropping off my older son at school, I decided to swing over and pick up a few things we needed from the local Wally World. It was one of those lazy morning grocery trips where I wasn’t in a particular hurry, like I am in most cases. I took my time and was able to meander around the store while my daughter busied herself in the cart. …

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